To discover

For the adventurous:

- The Piton d'Anchaing: Its ascent is quite difficult, with a positive difference in altitude of 1000m, it takes 3 hours to reach its summit. Once on the plateau, you will enjoy an unequalled view with a 360° panorama of the Cirque. Departure from the end of the Ilet à Vidot road - 6 hours round trip
- The hike to the gite of Bélouve and Trou de fer : The departure of the path is about ten minutes walk from the hotel, of average difficulty, the ascent to the gite of Bélouve is done in 1h30/2h00, from the gite count 1h30/2h00 to join the platform of the Trou de Fer (note that at this day 27/06/22 this part of the path is closed, because of a scree making the site dangerous). Hell-bourg/Gite de Bélouve : 3h30 round trip - Hell-bourg/Trou de fer : 6h00 round trip.
- The 3 waterfalls : - departure frome Ilet à Vidot at 10 minutes walking from the hotel - 2 hours roundtrip
-Terre Plate and the Manouilh Spring: departure behind the stadium, located behind the hotel / arrival at the old thermal baths / town centre - 6h walk - 950 metres of positive difference in altitude - medium difficulty - some vertiginous passages.
-La Boucle des anciens Thermes: 1 hour - easy - departure from the town centre of Hell-bourg, next to the gendarmerie.
- La Nouvelle from the col des bœufs : departure 45 minutes by car from the hotel - 4 hours round trip - elevation gain 500m - medium difficulty. This is the easiest way to enter the Cirque de Mafate.
Please check the state of the paths before starting a hike, do not hesitate to ask us for information.

Activities :

- "Circuit des Cases Créoles Hell Bourg" -Visit and Discovery of the Village - booking through the OTI EST - every day
- Trout fishing, located behind the hotel, after the stadium, open from Tuesday to Sunday
- La Maison Folio: opposite to the church, open from 9.30am to 11.30am and from 2pm to 5pm.
- The Museum of Music and Instruments of the Indian Ocean - open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm.