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Les Jardins D'héva - Hell Bourg Salazie - dormir sur l'île de la réunion

« Florebo quocumque ferar »

"I will bloom wherever I am carried".

Motto of Reunion Island

Hotel Les Jardins d'héva ** 
Our establishment is located in Hell-Bourg, classified as one of the most beautiful villages in France, in the heart of the Salazie cirque, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Since 2007, our hotel has been committed to respecting the exceptional environment of the "Hauts de la Réunion" natural park.
The hotel has 10 rooms in 5 traditional Creole huts.
One of the rooms is equipped to accommodate people with reduced mobility.
The traditional buildings that we offer combine elegant architecture with an integrated bioclimatic design based on thetraditional buildings of the Village of Hell-Bourg

The traditional huts

Les Jardins D'héva - Hell Bourg Salazie

It was in 1818 In those days, wanted notices were simply synonymous with "hunting runaways slaves". Fugitive slaves eager for freedom. Auguste Vinson's talented pen draws us into the legend of Anchaing. Anchaing and Héva loved each other dearly. If they had not been slaves, their lives would have been beautiful and short. He was strong and proud. She hid her suffering in the arms of her lover. One morning, a Gallic ancestor beat Héva for a trifle. Anchaing kidnapped his mistress and the two of them went up to the hills of the island (...) Legend has it that one day Anchaing suddenly found himself face to face with Bronchard, a runaways slaves hunter. (...) The capture was easy. Anchaing and Héva were immediately brought back to their master's house (...) His daughter took pity on the lovers. She returned them to Nature